A Bit About Us

Fontaine Mission International is the active missions arm of Carribean Missions for Christ & World Outreach, Inc. Through this work, Dr. Rodney Fontaine and his wife, Cindy, are focusing their ministries specifically on China, Mexico, and Haiti.


Dr. Fontaine has been a Christian since 1978. He was raised in the Baptist Church, where he answered God's call to preach the gospel. Upon receiving his ordination in 1980, he pastored his first church and after much experience moved to Tennessee with his wife and three sons, attending a full Gospel Church. It was there that Dr. Fontaine and his wife received the Gift of The Holy Spirit.


Dr. Fontaine, through his experience in ministry was asked to become Dean of Men at Blue Ridge School of The Prophets. In 1991, Dr. Fontaine, his wife and three young sons moved to Haiti as missionaries where they served and experienced their first serious step into missions work.


The work only lasted for only a few months due to the overthrow of the Haitian government and they were forced to leave due to imminent threats; however, in those few months, their passion for missions was birthed. 


After decades of pastoral and evangelistic ministry, Pastor Rodney and Cindy moved to Florida in 2011, and planted New Covenant Community Church and  turned this work over to their  eldest son in 2015. Pastor Rodney travels across the World as a Prophetic Evangelist to the body of Christ and is excited for this phase of ministry with his family.


Their goal is to spend half of each year in China where Pastor Fontaine has been asked to take the Apostolic oversight of over 300 churches in SW China where they teach in a Bible School that is approved by the Chinese Government.

They are also deeply involved in humanitarian work in that region by way of installing clean drinking water systems, building pig farms, raising cows and chickens for the local economies. They have also spent time building aquaponic systems in China where fish can be raised in a tank and the water is used as fertilizer in gardening systems.


Through this ministry they are able to spread the gospel to villages all over the region.

Dr. Fontaine and Cindy are focused on their future ministry in Mexico and China, where they will spread the gospel and educate new believers into becoming leaders in the church.